Sum Rule Calculation of Twist-4 Corrections to Bjorken and Ellis-Jaffe Sum Rules


We calculate the twist-4 corrections to the integral of g 1 (x, Q 2) in the framework of QCD sum rules using an interpolating nucleon field which contains explicitly a gluonic degree of freedom. This information can be used together with previous calculations of the twist-3 contribution to the second moment of g 2 (x) to estimate the higher-twist corrections to the Ellis-Jaffe and Bjorken sum rules. We get f (2) (proton) = −0.037 ± 0.006 and f (2) (neutron) = −0.013 ± 0.006. Numerically our results roughly agree with those obtained by Balitsky, Braun and Kolesnichenko based on a sum rule for a simpler current. Our calculations are far more stable as tested within the sum rule approach but are more sensitive to less well known condensates.


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