The Effect of E-Service Quality on E-Trust and E-Satisfaction as Key Factors Influencing Creation of E-Loyalty in E-Business Context: The Moderating Role of Situational Factors


Development of loyalty in customers is a strategic goal of many firms and organizations and today, the main effort of many firms is allocated to retain customers and obtaining even more ones. Characteristics of loyal customers and method for formation of loyalty in customers in internet space are different to those in traditional one in some respects and study of them may be beneficial in improving performance of firms, organizations and shops involving in this field of business. Also it may help managers of these types of businesses to make efficient and effective decisions towards success of their organizations. Thus, present study aims to investigate the effects of e-service quality in three aspects of information, system and web-service on e-trust and e-satisfaction as key factors influencing creation of e-loyalty of Iranian customers in e-business context; Also it was tried to demonstrate moderating effect of situational factors e.g. time poverty, geographic distance, physical immobility and lack of transportation on e-loyalty level. Totally, 400 questionnaires were distributed to university students, that 382 questionnaires were used for the final analysis, which the results from analysis of them based on simple linear regression and multiple hierarchical regression show that customer loyalty to e-shops is directly influenced by e-trust in and e-satisfaction with e-shops which in turn are determined by e-service quality; also the obtained results shows that situational variables can moderate relationship between e-trust and/or e-satisfaction and e-loyalty. Therefore situational variables studied in present research can influence initiation of transaction of customer with online retailer and customer attitude importance and this in turn makes it necessary for managers to pay special attention to situational effects in examination of current attitude and behavior of customers.


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